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Men’s Fashion Week Street Style

For the past 2 weeks Men's Fashion Week has been held in London, Milan and Paris, and will be held later this month in NYC.  Of course we are eager to see what looks are going down the the runway for Spring 2015 drops, but another exciting element is seeing what the Fashionista's are wearing on the streets.  What's on show won't be available in stores until at least February 2015 unlike what everyone's wearing on the streets. The "Street style" at any Fashion Week is usually very creatively put together and often on a lot lower budget than whats on show.

Below are some of the looks that were seen, lots of color, layering, accessories and the use of print on print was beautifully executed.
taw-day-3-001taw-day-3-003  taw-day-3-002 taw-day5_029 taw-day5_021 taw-day5_018  taw-day1_007taw-day5_015  taw-day5_028taw-28-06-2014-035

July 02, 2014

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