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Talk To Me Derby

Want to dress up really derby? Then hit The Deighton Cup! It was such an honor to attend The Deighton Cup this year, another reason to DRESS UP, enjoy the horse race and people watch the amazing outfits, outrageous hats and fascinators! First time at this event we were hoping to get some nice weather, considering we didn’t want our outfits to get wet, especially the hair and makeup! Thank god for the bleachers that kept us dry. But the weather didn’t put a damper on our mood! The event was still a huge success and a lot of fun! Great outfits, good food (although the complimentary meal could’ve been better), the drinks! Oh, my! Last but not the least the horse race, I never knew watching the horse race could be so fun! Even considered betting, but we didn’t want to get carried away as our first time. Hoping for next year we will have better outfits, better weather, and better food! But let’s get back on track here, as I mentioned above that we mostly attended this event to dress up. Well, why not? New clothes, new hats or fascinators and new shoes. This is definitely the time to dress and impress. A lot of colors and florals floating around. This was the time to get creative and noticed!

Here are some of our favorite hot picks from The Deighton Cup (photo courtesy of The Deighton Cup - Stella Artois Wall)






Definitely going back to Deighton Cup next year and make it an annual tradition for us! Not only we got to dress up and enjoy the event with everyone but we also learned how to bet 😉 Next year we'll do it bigger and better! 

For more photos check out The Deighton Cup!

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