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Our favourite personal shopping moments from 2014!!

This past year was a great one for Elite Image in fact the best year, it's always fun to reflect back and pick a few moments that stood out and made our jobs even more fun!! Personal Shopping is a very rewarding job we learned a lot and added quite a few male clients to our Rolodex. Here goes...


The Secret Ring- we learned that we are good at being discreet! The most rewarding project was secretly sourcing an engagement ring for one of our clients. I learned enormous amounts of information about diamonds markup and construction. We secured the diamond from Belgium and then constructed the ring. This was a huge undertaking because if you don't hit the mark 100 percent it puts a slight blemish on the most important day of my clients life. The reality was that his fiancée loved the ring ! Phew job done well!!

Challenging Body types - this past year we tackled quite a few challenging new bodies. A male that was 6.5 37 inseam and size 32 waist a woman that was 5.11 and size 18-20. Also another lady that was 5.5 and border lining size 16. We made it all work cuz we can dress any body type!!


Our Closet Evaluation excursion - it's a lot of fun when you take the day to visit WhiteRock for a closet Eval. Normally we are just popping over to North shore or downtown. You forget how beautiful,quiet and peaceful it is outside the city. We picked a nice sunny day to enjoy a nice lunch and determine what our client needed for Fall. Can't wait to return for Spring.


Our Fort Mac new clients- it seems like a great amount of guys from Fort Mc Murray are wanting to dress more stylish, we had many new clients fly in to shop with us. Love them all! They are easy going down to earth awesome guys that just want to look a little more put together.

Alicia Churchill has been image consulting for over 20 years. Highly regarded in her industry, she has helped hundreds of clients dress for success.

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