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Building a New Wardrobe in 5 HRS


We often have clients that detest shopping, and when I say detest I really mean it! They don't want to spend a second longer than they have to in the mall. We recently had a client that had not stepped foot in a store for a few years, she had resolved herself to online shopping at J Crew! Why? A few reasons she could never find anything that fit ( she is 5 foot 11 and size 18) and she is way to busy to spend her valuable time trekking around the mall.

Once we did her closet evaluation we quickly realized that we were building a wardrobe pretty much from scratch! With the exception of a black blazer a few shirts, 2 booties and a pair of jeans we were on our own. Mostly thanks to The Bay in the above average section. We also visited Banana Republic, Ronsons and Town shoes ,the best part we did it all in 5 hours( and stopped for lunch). If you despise shopping and are frustrated with your wardrobe give us a call we will be happy to help.

Building a New Wardrobe

Here is how we created her new work wardrobe:
• 3 pairs of dress pants
• a skirt
• a pair of jeggings
• 3 cardigans
• 9 dressy tops
• 2 casual sweaters
• a winter coat ( lucky find)
• a boot
• 2 shoes
• variety of accessories ( necklaces and scarves)
Total cost: $2103

Alicia Churchill has been image consulting for over 20 years. Highly regarded in her industry, she has helped hundreds of clients dress for success.

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