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Fall Favorites

Alright, are we all ready to say goodbye to summer yet? I am. Bring on the knits and boots!
Here's my style picks for this fall season!
If you're going to invest in two good shoes this season, make it a boot and a flat that you can wear during the work day.

Philip Lim

When it comes to a flat, I’m all about the sleek masculine loafer, with a small heel for that girly touch. Just like this 3.1 Phillip Lim Loafer. 

You’ll most likely catch me sporting turtlenecks till February, at least there's so styles to go along with: knitted, cotton, cropped, mock necked. Here’s one of my favourites styles, you can find it at Zara.



When it comes to a boot, I’m strictly a chelsea girl, I’ve always been a fan of that elastic side and the chunky sole. Dune did it right this season with these.

all saints

I suggest everyone invest in a good pair of trousers for Spring and Fall separately. In the spring it’s always nice to go cropped and mix in some fun with a colour. This season i’m all about the boyish loose leg like these All Saints.

I like to have fun with my outerwear. Last year I was into the sleek, slimmed, lapel styled peacoat. This year i’m feeling a leather mixed with lambskin. I love the colour way that Club Monaco chose with their style this year.

Club Monaco


And last but not least, it’s always nice to go into a new season feeling some sort of change. I chose bangs for the first time in 6 years. I give thanks to the beautiful Alexa Chung for that inspiration. I hope my fall favourites inspire you!

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